Sunday, April 6, 2008

Here she is - fresh out of storage.

lazy sunday morning mussings

We store our camper inside in the winter, so come April when she shows up, it is always a welcome sight. So here she is.
I was at Quiltville group and updated my quilts and checked out my blog mention and someone - Phyl? put - and she thought she didn't want a camper, beside my blog name. I had to laugh because two things I love the most, I thought I would NOT like. I bought a Pfaff 7570 - have I mentioned I've owned every machine you can think of - well almost - I am addicted to sewing machines - love 'em. And a new friend invited me over and we played with the Pfaff and she told me I would love quilting. I told her I would NOT like quilting - too exacting - lol. But I've always liked fabrics. Fabric to me is like paint is to a painter - I could never have enough. And I have quite a collection. I like scrappy so I buy lots of 1 yd cuts. Yesterday, before the camper came, I started cutting - I am enthused with Bonnies Irish Chain, and I have a ton of batiks that I have been saving, and I thought nows the time. So I am cutting a 2" strip from each batik - well, while I'm cutting my 2", I should cut my 1 1/2" & 2 1/2" strips, right? It was like visiting with a friend. And I kept asking, when did you buy this? I think I saw a batik group online and bought it and never really looked at them. Some are ugly! But some are sure gorgeous. And I realized I have a ton of the fossil ferns also. Also must have been part of a fq group. Since Bonnie is going to have a 2 week timeline for the OC mystery, I am going to start the Irish Chain, for in between. So I'm off to my cutting duties - I could not believe how many strips I got cut yesterday - my bins are straining.
Happy Sunday all.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

back of my trips around the world

This has become my nightmare because I don't usually not like what I am doing. This layout is ok.

What do you all think? Keep going or ditch it?