Monday, September 22, 2008

It's been months.

I have a lot to catch you all up on.
First off, we have a new camper. Boy, am I surprised. We loved my camper, but.....We were camping July 4th at Lexington Horse Park - my favorite place. They have a camper dealer there, so when you're bored you've got something to do. My son is hot on the track of a toy hauler - as soon as he wins the lottery! I walked in this camper and my jaw dropped. I could have designed this baby. I am also a shopping fool, as well as a quilting fool, so 1 week later we had a new camper. I'll get a pic up.
Both my quilts have been finished by the long armer and look great. Love them - another great job Theresa. My orange crush got caught up in finishing Ashleys college quilt. I am doing trapunto in the signature blocks since we didn't do the siggys. So the OC sits on my design wall and I couldn't even start Bonnies Old Tobacco Road. I didn't think I'd like that quilt - too linear, but the geese make it, I think.
I suggested a swap on Quiltville and Bonnie set DeeDee and I up with our own site, Quiltville Swap, and as DeeDee says, swap divas. I just mailed my first swap and some got them today and seem happy. We had beautiful fabrics and I got some lovely hostess fabric. Thank you gals - love them!
Ashley started college, and she and boyfriend Donavan are missing each other, but surviving.
Did you hear about our wind storm last week? Ike came roaring up from Texas - no rain, just the fiercest wind I've ever seen. 78 mph, I hear. Lots of cosmetic damage - lots of trees down and no electricity for over 6 days. Four trees went down around the camper and didn't touch it. House was fine also. We ended up showering in the camper with the generator running it. I even got the swap completed with the help of my friend Margie. The things you can do!! I wanted to sew, but it didn't stay light long enough. We did have a lot of clean up and by then it was dark. Our land is full of cut up & split wood & branches. Next thing is to get a chipper out here. We are weeks away from being what we where.
I am going to get some pics up and I'll write more later.