Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

It's a beautiful Sunday and I am enjoying just relaxing. Yesterday was busy. Megan's grad party - she got to see the quilt - as a flimsy - it needs backing, batting & quilting. I am changing the backing to a green I think. I have a beige, but I think Ill go with green instead. And a birthday party for one of our camping friends Pat. We saw lots of people we love yesterday so all is well.
My honeymoon quilt is getting borders as we speak. er write! I found a quilt in a magazine with exactly the right border, so I was lucky enough to have a fabric that fit right in. I had bought a focus fabric for this quilt, but didn't use it - now I will. The borders are driving me mad to put on though. They are strips & blocks, with a phlange, so I put them all together and now I am putting them on the quilt - except??!!! I have divided the quilt length & border length in 8'ths, but for some reason in the middle they meet up perfect, where everywhere else I am working in a small amount of extra from the quilt edge. Something is not right, so I have to work on that.
Everyone enjoy this beautiful day.