Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's been forever

I'm a bad blogger!!! Too much time has gone by.
My daughter & grand dog are on their way home for the holidays, from San Francisco. Can't wait, haven't seen her in a year - too long.
My Carolina Crossroads and Trip Around the World, where big hits. So glad I got them sent out and the girls love them. My Orange Crush ( Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt) is finished and at the long armer. I'm still working on the Honeymoon quilt and the Triple Irish Chain. Ashleys college quilt turned out so cute
The camper is in storage and the weather has turned cold, so looks like quilting weather to me. At least once the holidays are over.
I have two friends fighting for their lives. Please keep Shirlee and Patty close to your hearts. Patty is a life long smoker and was diagnosed with lung cancer and given 6 months. Shirlee has Leukemia and is a born fighter. Polio victim, post polio victim, breast cancer, she fights them all. A brave lady.
I am working strange hours and with Jen here I am going to be occupied, but I will get back to my blog and catch you all up.