Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catch up time

Here it is August - the wettest in a long time for Ohio. The grass is green, but it sure cuts down on the camping.

My latest quilt was given a few weeks ago. I made it for my special friend Santi, who is an embroidery designer and lives in South Africa. We met online - ten years ago - I actually wrote her a fan letter after I bought her first set of designs. We just clicked and she is now part of my family. She remarried two years ago and I wanted to do something special for her and Peter. She was at my house when this box of fabric came and she flipped. Just loved it. Remember my Trips around the world? - somewhere on this blog? I have been wanting to do another on with each strip scrappy, but following colors. So, since Santi travels extensively and loved this fabric, and I had 6 different pieces, I said this is fate. So here it is. I met up with her in July, and I brought the quilt along to show her how the fabrics turned out. She loved it. I told her to look at the label - it's your designs. She did and said "Oh you used my designs, how nice" I said - "You didn't read the label, did you? - No - so she read it. She said "You can't give this to me!" I said - "Yes, I can" - she says "OK!" It was so funny! So she swore she would wear it on the plane - now this puppy is huge 117 x 90. I bet she packed it!!!, but it is on her bed.
I have a Double Irish Chain in batiks on my design wall waiting for border inspiration - sound familiar? And I started Bonnies Christmas Lights - I don't have a Christmas quilt so this will be nice. I have intentions of doing Bonnies Old Tobacco Road this year also. And my husband wants another Shades of Green - I'm thinking teals & beige - or teal & purple - hmmmmmm!
Today is bridge with the girls, so I will be sewing later.
Until then........