Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My first featherweight

I have collected sewing machines for years. I love them. But I resisted the featherweights. They were always too expensive and I thought of them as toys. I have the big sister - a black 301 that is gorgeous and sews like a dream. But I got a chance at this machine and now have 2 more coming and maybe more. I am dying to paint a beat up one. My husband is so excited to try it. This little dream is in very very nice shape. I am very happy I got her. She runs quiet and strong. I love Ebay!
I am in the middle of 4 quilts. I started the Double Irish Chain, have a honeymoon quilt for my friend from South Africa, and a college quilt for Ashley and the OC mystery quilt from Quiltville. I turned over my red/yellow Trip and the Carolina Crossroads to the LA. Can't wait to see them. They are going to two nieces in California.
I've had a stiff neck for 3 days and I'm sick of it!!! It does not stop me from sewing.
Hugs to all.

May 27, 2008 - granddaughter graduated high school

This was a huge weekend for us. Ashley graduated from high school with a 4.00 and athlete of the year award. Also, she has a full scholarship to Pikeville college. I call her the best signing bonus anyone ever got. She was 3 when I first met her. Such a cutie pie. I think her mom was thinking I wouldn't be happy with a daughter in law with a child, but boy was she wrong!!! Ashley has 2 little sisters and they love her very much. Ashley, actually, introduced us to her boy friend. And we like him - imagine that! We're so proud of her. Beautiful and smart!