Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy, sad week

This has been a busy and disturbing week for me. I haven't sewn much - just straightened. I had two funerals this week. One a long time sweetheart of a friend. She was battling Lymphoma and doing very well and then got a urinary tract infection. At the start of my blog, I asked everyone who read it to put my two friends in their heart for me. Patti, with the lung cancer is doing well, Shirlee who had Luekemia , died this week. I cannot tell you how much I admired this woman. Born with crippling polio, she battled post polio recently - just as bad as polio in many ways. Also breast cancer, and then Luekemia. I've never known anyone to fight so hard - she had the heart of a lion! So please, think of my friends, Joan and Shirlee will you?
We have decided bad economy or not we need to do some things to our house. Last year Bob put in Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors and they are beautiful. I asked if we could get them in our bedroom and he said "NO"! I'm done. Ok, I respect that, know the feeling. Guess who's getting Cherry floors? He heard I wanted them and said "Why didn't you tell me?" "Huh!" says I. He was pretty adament about not wanting to do them. So, we will have a really torn up house again. I was looking for carpet to put on our stairs that go to the lower level. The flooring guy, says we saved 1/2 by doing them ourselves. Wow.
I am hoping to keep up with my blogging, so see you soon.

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