Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Head hanging low

Why, oh why do I have such a time blogging? Well, I do have one good excuse! I have been quilting like a fool!!!!!!!!!!
Since my last blog I have finished Bonnie Hunters Christmas Lights. I have Old Tobbacco Road ready for borders, Bonnie did a Christmas mystery she called Carolina Christmas. Mine is in purples, pinks & teals and is called Camryn's Christmas because my dgd wanted a quilt from Meems & I already had a Christmas color quilt. This quilt turned out very nice, but is not my favorite of Bonnies patterns. I think that honor has to go to Carolina Crossroads. And Old Tobbacco Road. As some may know I have a quilt site for unwashed swappers on Quiltville swap. Melinda is our washed hostess, so there is something for everyone. We did a block exchange of Bonnies Chunky Churndash. I have this completed up to borders and I'm thinking a line of geese between two 5" borders. We have 2 twin xl adjustable beds with a headboard and footboard. So, I like to make my bed with the quilt under the pillows and longer sides. I make fancy pillowcases for the pillows and they sit on top. This quilt is 80 by 82 now. I will finish the top and bottom plainly - no one will see it, and put the big borders and geese on the sides.
My daughter will be 40 this year and just got engaged. Tyler is a great guy and we couldn't be happier. She lives in San Francisco, he's from Canada and he has a company he started in San Fran. They are marrying sometime in May. They are doing this very quietly in May and in September we will have a party in Glendora, Ca. where our closest family is. Maybe another party here in December. They are also talking about going to Canada. Up in the air right now. She is certainly none traditional. She wants no big marriage, just a party.
I hope I get in the habit of writing more!!!!
I am going to post this now so you can see some of my work I've done lately.

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