Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is Bonnie Hunters Chunky Churndash, found on her Quiltville site. We did a Chunky Churndash swap on Quiltvilleswap. I made 2 sets of 55 blocks, all different. My intention was to trade 1 set of 55, and receive 55 different blocks. I, actually got quite a few repeats and I used them for the pillow cases I'm making and I sent off a bunch to Bonnie as a thank you. So, most are different, but don't you know that the three blocks I used this one fabric on (I didn't know I did that) all migrated to the same spot. They are all across from each other!! Talk about a big duh moment! Not sure anyone would notice, but, of course, I do!!!!
This quilt will be finished off with a gray border and I'm thinking geese surrounded by two 5" borders.

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